School to

SWAP is a collaborative effort between the Salida and Buena Vista school districts and theColorado Division of Vocational Rehabilitation.

The purpose of the School to Work Alliance program (SWAP) is to provide support to young adults in career paths as they leave the school system and enter the workforce.

• Are between the ages of 16-25.
• Are in school, and who are ready for full or part-time employment.
• Are out of school (graduates, dropouts, under or unemployed).
• Need short-term support to become competitively employed.



• Offers financial incentives, tax credits and insurance benefits.
• Provides post-employment follow-up and support to employers and employees to ensure success.



• Job Readiness Skills Training
• Vocational Guidance & Counseling
• Job Placement
• Job Retention Services
• Increase Career Directed Employment Opportunities



In order for SWAP to be successful, the program needs the support of the business community.
Here’s how businesses can help:
• Offer input into the kinds of skills participants need to be successful in the workplace.
• Encourage participants to come into your business and “job shadow.”
• Consider SWAP participants for positions in your company..



Salida office:
Salida School District
Administration (Kesner) Building
349 E. 9th St.
(719) 207-1509
Amy Lapes


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