Back to School Professional Development 2017 

New Staff Orientation Training Agenda   August 4th-8th
Back to School Inservice for all staff Agenda   August 9th-10th


Friday Academy

August 25th 9:00-11:00       Google Basics:  Mail/Calendar & More  2 contact hours      Register

CDE Professional Development Offerings

2016-17 Testing Windows

Annual Required Online Trainings

Mandatory Reporting Training.  Please respond here. All staff

Security Procedures Training.  Please respond here. All staff

Sexual Harassment–Regarding Students Please respond here.  All staff

–Regarding Employees.  Please respond here. All staff

Blood borne pathogen.  Please respond here. All staff

Allergy Management. Please respond here.  All staff

Job Safety Training 1 / 2.  Please respond here. All staff

Mental Health First Aid.  Please respond here. All staff (Secretaries take the next course)

Mental Health Course Front Desk Security Training.  Please respond here. For secretaries. Keep certificate on file.

Webpage Training.  Please respond here. For secretaries.  This training will updated once the new website in LIVE.  

Google Apps Training.  Mail     Calendar    Drive    Basic Google Classroom Training Please respond here. Certified Staff need all three apps. Google Classroom is optional.  Other staff, mail only.

Homeless Training SummaryHomeless Training PPT.  Please respond here. All staff with student contact

RtI/MTSS orientation.  Please respond here. Certified Staff Only–New video coming soon–Check back 

Infinite Campus Training NEW! PD Module / PD module DocPart 1 / Part 2 / Gradebook Setup Doc / Knowledge Base Help. Please respondhere. Certified Staff Only

Curriculum Review- Do not email Amy Ward at this time.  A survey will be sent out soon to respond to.  Just be sure to know if your curriculum is up to date, what revisions, if any, are needed and what resources you use to meet the needs of delivering your curriculum.

Incident Command Training–Required once for all directors/admin only

National Incident Management System–Required once for all directors/admin only

Multi-Hazard Emergency Planning for Schools--Required once for all directors/admin only

Other Trainings

Differentiation Overview by Tomlinson

Curriculum Map Training.