Professional Development

Summer 2017 PD Opportunities

June 10-11 The Evolution of a 150 Year Old Historic Homestead
Location: Hutchinson Homestead
Join Teaching with Primary Sources (TPS) at MSU Denver, Colorado Encyclopedia, and History Colorado for a two-day workshop surrounding Hutchinson Homestead primary sources. 

Download (PDF, 567KB)

July 24-August 4 Colorado Writing Project
CWP brings joy to the teaching and learning of writing! Register now for this two-week writing workshop focused on the teacher as writer and the teacher as writing instructor.

Download (PDF, 893KB)

June 26-30  Orton Gillingham Training
Location: Salida School District Central Administration Office
Orton Gillingham- This five day O.G. training will focus on a data driven, clinical, multisensory, phonetic, teacher guided Yoshimoto Orton Gillingham approach to teaching reading, writing and spelling in whole classroom, small group and one-to-one settings. Sign Up Here!

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CDE Professional Development Offerings

2016-17 Testing Windows

Annual Required Online Trainings

Mandatory Reporting Training.  Please respond here. All staff

Security Procedures Training.  Please respondhere. All staff

Sexual Harassment–Regarding Students Please respond here.  All staff

–Regarding Employees.  Please respond here. All staff

Blood born pathogen.  Please respond here. All staff

Allergy Management. Please respond here.  All staff

Job Safety Training 1 / 2.  Please respond here. All staff

Mental Health First Aid.  Please respond here. All staff

Mental Health Course Front Desk Security Training.  Please respond here. For secretaries.

Webpage Training.  Please respond here. For secretaries.

Google Apps Training.  Mail     Calendar    Drive    Please respond here. Certified Staff need all three apps.  Other staff, mail only.

Homeless Training SummaryHomeless Training PPT.  Please respond here. All staff with student contact

RANDA orientation.  Please respond here. Certified Staff Only

RtI orientation.  Please respond here. Certified Staff Only

Infinite Campus Training  Part 1 / Part 2 / Gradebook Setup Doc / Knowledge Base Help. Please respond here. Certified Staff Only

I certify that I have reviewed my curriculum.  Mail Amy Ward –Certified staff only

Incident Command Training–Required once for all directors/admin only

National Incident Management System–Required once for all directors/admin only

Multi-Hazard Emergency Planning for Schools--Required once for all directors/admin only

Other Trainings

Differentiation Overview by Tomlinson

Auditorium Audio Visual Training.  Please respond here.  Required before using the auditorium.

Curriculum Map Training.