Throwback: If I were president

The following was written by Senior – Reya Sunshine when she was 8 years old. She stumbled across it the other day and read it as part of a discussion about the presidential elections. Her principal overheard and asked her permission … Continued


Learning About The Issues

On October 6, 2016, the League of Women Voters held a meeting in which residents of Chaffee County were invited to come meet the candidates for this year’s election of County Commissioners and State Representatives. This meeting was held in … Continued


Registration and Returning Students!

Dear Parents, Guardians and HEA students:   I wanted to inform you that we will have a slightly different schedule than the rest of the district for the 2016/2017 school year. This schedule will facilitate some of our weekend trips … Continued


AADA Comes to HEA

by Reya Sunshine, HEA leadership team   Two weeks ago, Marcie from the Alliance Against Domestic Abuse (AADA) taught a two-week module focusing on abusive relationships and dating violence. She taught the students how to avoid abusive relationships, what the signs … Continued

Street Law

Thank You to Mary Hay for Street Law Class

by Lillian Wood – HEA Leadership Team   In a class called Street Law, guest teacher Mary Hay taught us about legal issues that everyone might face at some point in their lives. We learned about criminal, civil, and consumer … Continued

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Student Perspective: Why We Chose To Come To HEA

Horizons Exploratory Academy is a school of multiple opportunities that draws in students for countless reasons. From wanting to graduate early or just needing an alternative learning style from traditional schools, H.E.A is the place to be. I decided to … Continued


The Fringe of the Fringe

At Horizons, giving each student an individualized education is important. Many students struggle to learn in traditional settings, or are simply not able to come to school every day due to work or other obligations. At Horizons, students are given … Continued

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If You’re Not Dirty You’re Doing it Wrong

This week at HEA, following a two week caving class, head teacher Talmage Trujillo led four students on an overnight exploration into two local caves. This is a yearly class that almost every student in the school has been able … Continued


HEA Begins a New Year

At the beginning of each school year, new and returning Horizon’s students go on a group camping trip. The goal of each trip is to strengthen relationships between students and teachers, as well as start the school year off in … Continued


Registration and Start Dates 2015

Registration Opens again August 4th. To register, visit the admin building and get a registration packet from Jim Sampson. Return the packet and an interview date will be setup. Registration will be completed after the interview and is tentative until … Continued