Crest Academy Registration/Transfers

Thank you for your interest in The Crest Academy

Our registration window for 2017-2018 has concluded at this time.  If you are interested, please email or phone Jill Davis to apply to the waiting list.  We will post any openings May 1 and/or Dec 1 if they become available.

Internal Transfer Requests: Students wishing to transfer between Salida Middle School and The Crest Academy (and vice versa) are asked to complete an internal transfer request (obtain from principal).  Standard operating practice is to make every effort possible for the allowance of transfers to occur only at the change of semester.
Please request transfers by Dec 1 and August 1.

What to expect?

We rely on 3 people to help determine whether students would enjoy learning at the Crest Academy.

Current Teacher: If your student’s teacher would agree your student is collaborative, inquisitive, motivated by a love of learning and not shy about being challenged, they may be willing to complete a recommendation form.

Parents: As a small staff we rely on many volunteer hours from families. Don’t fret if you work, there are lots of opportunities and ways to help.  If you want an environment where parents continue to be a big part of the process of student learning, you may love our program.

Students: We have found students that end-up loving their experience at Crest, have been motivated by their own strong desire and motivation to learn in a Project-based setting.  It’s hard to know what you want when you are in 4th grade, beyond what friends and parents are talking about, so we have some activities that students will complete during shadowing to help students reflect on their learning styles.

Appeals: Appeals can be made first to the Principal of the program and then to the District Superintendent.  Appeals will be determined first on the basis of applicant’s fit.

Please note: Because of the way we spiral our curriculum our program is 4 years (5th-8th) in duration. If a student leaves early they may not be at grade level in some content areas.  This is a 4 year commitment, to an academically rigorous program that does an excellent job preparing students for high-school, when they join us fully on this journey.  If you have plans of enrolling for just one or two years, it is detrimental to the integrity of the program and affects multiple students.


If you have any questions about the application process or about life at The Crest Academy, feel

free to call:

Jil Davis 207-1401 (Principal)

* please also see our page on Project-based learning to become an expert on this type of education.