Throwback: If I were president

The following was written by Senior – Reya Sunshine when she was 8 years old. She stumbled across it the other day and read it as part of a discussion about the presidential elections. Her principal overheard and asked her permission to post what she wrote. A lot has changed for her over these past 9 years, but sometimes it is good to remember the simpler times.


If I were president

by 8-year-old Reya Sunshine

“If I were elected president I would make wars illegal and I would make my vice president my baby brother Jayden.  [17-year-old Reya Note: He was a month old at the time] I would make school more fun by letting all day be recess. I would not live in the White House. I would live everywhere by traveling all over the world, one year I would live somewhere, another year I would live somewhere else. I would make kids be able to walk to school at the age of 7 or 8 in every country in the United States [17-year-old Reya: my parents lived a block from the school and didn’t let me walk by myself] and I would make animal testing illegal.”